One of a Kind Custom Triumph Thruxton

I have made a lot of friends since starting Trip Machine a couple of years ago. Most of them owing to this mysterious world of internet and Instagram. These are men and women from all parts of the world and everyone of them is unique in its own sense (just like their motorcycles). I haven’t met most of these new friends but have an amazing bond with them.

Eze Rodrigues is one fine gentleman from the exciting city of Barcelona. He was one of our first customers from Spain when he picked up a pair of grips from his Triumph Thruxton.

So when Eze reached out to me in March to tell me that hes tearing the Thruxton apart to build a one of a kind “retro” motorcycle, I was excited. He was teaming up with the extremely talented Fernando Martinez ( @fernando_mad_crow ) and that was enough to tell me that this is one bike to look out for.

custom Triumph Thruxton - Trip Machine Company

He asked if it is possible to mount the Messenger Bag to the bike, to which I had to refuse. The bag is meant to carried on the person and hence it was never intended to be mounted. The next question brought a big smile to my face and I had another exciting project in hand.

The problem with simply put a mounting structure on the bag would not work. This bag needed reinforcements coupled with a few internal design changes. After a bit of trial and error, we had the bag ready to be shipped to Spain. The only thing left now was to meet the bike in Biarritz at the Wheels and Waves in June.

Good things take time, better things take longer. When I was ready to leave for France, I reached out to Eze again and got the sad news that the bike is not ready. It only meant that the wait was longer.

A few days ago, I received news that the bike is finally done and it took me by surprise. There is no sign of the Thruxton left and for once that’s not a bad thing. 5 months in the making that reinstates the philosophy “Rome wasn’t built in a Day”.

custom Triumph Thruxton - Trip Machine Company

custom Triumph Thruxton - Trip Machine Company

custom Triumph Thruxton - Trip Machine Company

custom Triumph Thruxton - Trip Machine Company


Siddharth founded Trip Machine Company on back of a simple idea to create timeless goods for Motorcycles. The journey started in the beginning of January 2016. His life revolves around motorcycles, caffeine and work (in other words motorcycles). 

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