Boots Moc-Toe Black

Rs. 6,899.00

get 25% off on the shoe protector when purchased with boots

1. 3 point protection : the ankle, heel and toe of the boot are reinforced using 1.8 mm moulds
2. Crafted from abrasion resistant heavy duty buff leather
3. Anti-skid sole that has better grip on and off the road


The Moc Toe is a classic that has stood the test of time.

Originally designed in the early 1900s for factory workers, The boots are crafted with a distinctive moccasin-style toe, which provides extra protection and durability for the toe area.

The Trip Machine Moto Moc-Toe features an additional 1.8 mm mould at the toe and heel along with ankle protectors. Crafted from heavy duty abrasion resistant leather, the boots are engineered to protect incase of the unfortunate slide. The sole is resin based thats curated for extra grip on the road. With a metal shank, texon based insole and a premium lycra lining ensures that your feet have utmost comfort on long days.

The Moc-Toe boots are styled for the ride and off it. They are the perfect footwear even on days when you’re not on the motorcycle. They are a timeless footwear that incorporates style and function.

get 25% off on the shoe protector when purchased with boots

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