nehman and rexy

nehman was the first to join trip machine 5 years ago. being a keralite, it wasn't surprising that he got his royal enfield standard 500 with him. over the years, rexy joined him and they ride down to office together.

lucky and elly

lucky with his love of life "elly" the harley davidson 750 street. our customer engagement manager at trip machine and enthusiastic moto head

siddharth and veera

siddharth singh whose love for vintage bikes and how trip machine was born

astha and loha

astha on her loha (harley davidson iron 883) and how motorcycle happen to her. she takes care of trip machine coffee and her journey towards becoming a passionate rider.

saveen and his gt 535

saveen is popularly called the ramblin' outlaw after he became the face of our popular new releases. inside, saveen is usually reserved and prefers riding solo and not telling anyone about it.

kanishk and his rides

with his love of motorcycles and photography, kanishk, our media manager at trip machine, has produced great videos and creatives for many of our projects and products.

he is an artist with a deep love for sketches.

gagan and his journey

gagan preet singh is our production manager at trip machine and a good story teller

he has clocked total 4,00,000 km till now

mayank singh with nayra and bella

our very honest dop mayank singh who is part of the trip machine crew and takes care of photography and cinematography with his passion for motorcycle

he is a good storyteller too