The Harley Davidson Sportster series is the longest running Harley today. It is also a favorite of custom bike builders across the world. The Sportster is easy to customize but difficult to perfect. Owing to the number of companies building after market parts for these motorcycles, a lot of people both professional bike builders and amateurs one time garage builders choose Sportsters for their builds. This makes it even more difficult to choose our favorite Harley Sportster. 

We thought of listing our Top 5 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster, which we found on the Internet.


Best 5 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster - Trip Machine Company

Picture Credit: Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands was a professional Racer before turning into a designer. He is remembered as the National Champion of the 1998 AMA 250 GP and is now an award winning designer. He currently runs the brands Performance Machine and Roland Sands Design. He grew up with Motorcycles and his understanding of motorcycles comes out in his designs.

This particular Iron 883 was built for a Panasonic and Technics Campaign. Most of the parts on this build are commercially available from the RSD catalogue. The wheels are custom built and are designed to resemble the Professional Turntables. We wish if RSD would include these wheels in their catalogue.

If you want to know more about Roland Sands Design, head over to their Website, or check out their Facebook Page or their Twitter Handle


4. Cro Customs BS1

Best 5 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Cro Customs

You don’t expect a sportster to be built on a broadtracker concept and be done to perfection. The bike has been built by Caleb Owens of Cro Customs and Conrad Leach, who is an artist that needs no introduction. This bike is based on a 1986 Sportster, however the only part remaining from the original bike is the engine. Everything from the frame to the 23 inch Spoke Wheels has been put up after much thought to the vision of the builders. This bike is meant to be ridden, and hence the detailing has been kept to a minimum without compromising on the looks. 

Head over to Chop Cult Website for more pictures. Check out the Cro Customs website for more of their builds 


3. Carducci SC3 Adventure Dual Sport

Best 5 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Carducci Dual Sport

This Sportster has been inspired by BMW GS and the KTM Adventure Series and is built for off Roading. The biggest drawback of the Harley’s is that they can only be ridden on smooth roads and they struggle even in the smallest of potholes. The biggest weakness of the Harley is the biggest strength of this motorcycle. Jim

Carducci was determined to create this one of a kind sportster and build it to precision. He used a 2003 Harley Sportster as the donor bike since the engine is loaded with Torque. He made slight modifications to the original frame and built his bike around it.

Head over to the Carducci Website or their Facebook Page  to know more about this award winning build.

PS: Its also available for sale


2. GasCap Sportster by L.A. Motorcycles

Best 5 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Gas Cap Kustom

This sportster is an example of how you mix motorcycles and leather and create a one of its kind vintage motorcycle. Surprisingly the donor bike for this build is a 2006 Sportster Low. The 6 ½” Phantom Headlams and the Speedster Handlebars give this bike a very vintage look. When combined with the use of leather around the battery and on the seats, makes it a ride everybody wants to own.

 Read more about the Bike at the GasCap Blog. Also check out the L.A. Motorcycles Website for more of their builds.


1. Rough Crafts Iron Guerrilla

Best 5 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Rough Crafts


Topping our list of best of the best Custom Harley Sportsters is the Guerrilla by Rough Crafts. Rough Crafts is a Taiwan based Custom Shop and this was one of their first builds. It is a no non sense blacked out Iron 883 Sportster, just the way its meant to be. Most of the parts on this build are sold by Rough Crafts through their Website. Most of their builds are dark and that’s how you would imagine an Iron 883 to be built. Check out more about Rough Crafts by visiting their Facebook Page.

This is our list of the Top Custom Harley Davidson Sportsters. Let us know your views by commenting below.


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