8 Reasons to Ride Everyday

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8 Reasons to Ride Everyday

8 Reasons to Ride Everyday - Trip Machine Company

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Bikers don’t need a reason to ride. Riding is a personal choice of life and should be left at that. For a biker, riding a motorcycle is as basic as breathing air. While some of us ride only on weekends or on trips, there are a few who need to ride everyday. If you belong to the former group of riders, here are 8 reasons to convince you to ride your motorcycle everyday:



Research shows that riding a motorcycle is healthy. It builds core strength, stronger knees, thighs and arms and also exercises the neck muscles. Its not just physical, motorcycling also makes you happier and helps you emotionally.

We are not saying that motorcycling should replace your daily exercise routine, but If you like most of this world does not enjoy exercising but love motorcycling, you should do it more often.

 Don’t believe us, hear it from the Doctor’s mouth: http://goodworkswellness.com/how-motorcycle-riding-improves-physical-health/





Bikers are happier people because they enjoy their lives more, at least the riding part of it. The more you ride, the happier you are. This is an activity that you can never get tired off. You would have never come across a person, who would have stopped riding because he/she got bored of it. On the other hand, a lot of people take cabs just because they don’t enjoy driving cars.

Let’s face it, you cannot always head out of the city on long rides and hence you might as well take the short rides to work



Whether you care about the environment or not, motorcycles are much more conscious about the environment than cars.

Motorcycles pollute lesser than cars since they burn less fuel. Every day that you ditch your car and ride a motorcycle, you contribute to the environment. Not only that, motorcycles use less metals and resources to manufacture and hence you can build two motorcycles in the amount of materials you would use to build a car. 

So every time to take to the road on your motorcycle, remember that you are contributing your two cents to the environment. A greener and cleaner planet is not just better to live, its also better to ride. 



While your manager comes in an efficient and equally boring Honda to work, you ride to work on your Harley Davidson. Your manager looks up from his computer as is stuck in awe. All of a sudden you are more important than your manager and even your manager agrees to it. While this is taking it too far, walk into your office wearing your riding jacket and your helmet under your arm and experience the difference. You will suddenly transform from just another employee to well….. just another COOL employee.



Photo Credit: thethreesisters via Flikr

Motorcycles are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain. The small sums that you save when you ride daily, will fatten your bank balance which can only be a good thing. More money means more motorcycling gear in the cupboard. Riding is the best way to get rich while having fun.



Riding is easier than driving a car. Its agile and easier to navigate in traffic. Which means that you get to your destination faster. If you ride to work everyday, you spend less time on the road and hence you have the liberty to sleep those extra 5 minutes in bed. Riding will also free you off parking problems that come with driving a car. You will never come across a biker who struggles for parking.

Motorcycling is also better than taking public transport. While taking the bus has its benefits, you can not depend on them too much owing to their fixed timings of operations. You will also spend a lot of time on the road if you take public transport.

Long Story Short, Motorcycling is the easiest way to travel.



 Riding my motorcycle around L.A. is like my own video game. But unlike many folks at the wheel, I am occupied with getting where I’m going and keeping myself safe. Most people are applying makeup, texting and checking out the beauty in the next car – Hugh Laurie

Bikers are more conscious about following the rules since they are impacted more incase of a mishap. While drivers feel that it is their right to multitask while driving, a rider will only focus on the road. Since bikers pay more attention to their surroundings they are less susceptible to mishaps, riding a motorcycle is safer than driving a car.



The most important reason why you should ride everyday is because riding a motorcycle makes you happy. And if an activity gives you joy, there is no reason to reserve this activity only for the weekends or the once in a month trips. So don't restrict riding your motorcycle to only a few days, do it everyday. 


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