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People can be annoying, especially if they don’t motorcycle. Not only are their conversations boring, they stereotype bikers. They have a picture of what a biker is supposed to be and they stick to it. The moment you meet a new person and tell him that you have ridden down, you get a particular unfamiliar look. Some are excited to meet bikers, but even they can get annoying.

We have listed down 7 things that you can expect to hear from a non-biker that will infuriate you. Just remember to “KEEP CALM and RIDE ON”



7. Bikes are Dangerous

There is no doubt that an accident that would just scrape the paint of a car, will send a biker to the hospital. Due to this, a lot of people believe that bikes are dangerous. On the contrary, bikes are safer than cars since bikes have fewer accidents in the first place. Whereas a Car Driver has the protection of his Iron Cage, a Biker has more options to avoid an accident. A safe and competent rider is less likely to have an accident and hence is safer. So the next time your friends tell you how dangerous bikes are, ask them of the last time they met with an accident with a bike.

Bikers in general are also more conscious of the road. It’s probably because its their body versus the road in case of an accident. Whereas Cagers will be talking on their phones while driving, Bikers will have their mind, body and soul while riding.


6. I used to be a biker and then I quit after I got married and had kids

Which essentially means that you were never a biker. For a Biker, there is just no logical reason to stop riding. Getting married and having kids is just an excuse. You probably stopped riding when you had enough money to sell your motorcycle and buy a car. You are just using family as an excuse for not riding.

Buying a motorcycle does not make you a biker. Anyone can buy a bike, but only a few live the biker lifestyle. Motorcycle is not an instrument to commute; it is the reason to commute.

You don't stop riding because you're getting old, but you get old when you stop riding.



5. What Biking Group are you part of


Bikers are like motorcycles; each is customized a little bit differently

Most people associate biking with Large Hairy Men with Tattoos wearing leather and covering half the road while riding together in formations. There are some of us who belong to this category, however most of us are completely astray from this group.

Being a Biker is not about wearing leather and riding in large groups. There are many who prefer riding with a couple of friends or just solo. The love for motorcycling is no less if we don’t choose to ride in large groups.


4. You must be going on biking trips every now and then

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As much as we would love to do that, we also have families, lives and responsibilities. Yes we want to grab every single opportunity to ride, but it does not mean that set aside everything else only to ride every week. While, there are a few lucky ones that get the opportunity to ride every week to a new destination most of us lesser mortals, consider ourselves lucky if we can go on a trip once in 3 months.

There are also bikers who don’t go on long trips but ride everyday. For them, their motorcycle is part of their lives and their life comes to a standstill if the bike is not running. Just because you ride to work everyday, makes you no less a biker than the ones who have the privilege of riding to a new far off destination.


3. How much is mileage, maintenance

Seriously, why do you care? It’s not that after hearing the mileage that you are going to get yourself a new motorcycle and become a rider. Never will you hear a biker asking how much does a Toyota give on a liter of petrol, but for some reason Cagers are always curious to know the mileage and maintenance cost of motorcycles.

On instances that you tell them how much you spend on your motorcycle, they come up with the next annoying statement


2. You can buy a decent car in the price you paid for your bike

And your point is. We understand that bikes are not as cheap as most people presume them to be. We ride not because its cheap, we ride because we love riding. Cars may be more practical but they are also more boring. Most of us own cars as well, but we use it only to take us from one place to another. It is as significant as the microwave in the kitchen.

Motorcycling on the other hand is a way of life. Sure, biking is an expensive hobby but you don’t need to be rich to be a biker. When you purchase a car, you don’t need to spend anything extra till the time you have it. However, a motorcycle comes with hidden costs, which are dependent on the biker. You will spend money on a helmet, riding jackets, boots for yourself. Since these are things that you will wear, you will usually have more than one. You will also keep buying new gear every now and then.

Since every bike reflects its rider, you would also spend your hard earned cash on accessories like exhausts, lights and saddlebags.

The good part about riding, is that you don’t need to spends all your money at once. Buy the essentials like helmet and riding gear

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1. Can I take your bike for a spin?

 7 Things Bikers are Tired of Hearing - Trip Machine Company



By far the most irritating and unavoidable thing that you encounter if you are a biker is that everyone wants to take your bike for a short spin. Sometimes its very difficult to refuse and you run the risk of offending them if you do muster the courage to refuse.

Bikers don’t like other people touching their bikes, let alone giving it to them for a ride. Some of us are not very touchy about our machines, but are still hesitant to give it to a non-biker just for the mere fact that we don’t trust their riding skills.


These are the things that we are tired of hearing. If there are more, join the discussion by commenting below.

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