The world is full of Motorcycles and Custom Builds. Royal Enfield is one of our favorite motorcycles and there are many reasons. It is a very compatible motorcycle and a lot of talented artists have made it their canvas for showcasing their motorcycle masterpiece.  

We thought of listing our 5 Best Royal Enfields, which we found on the Internet.


5. Enfield Beach Bobber by Motovida

Motovida - Trip Machine Company

Motovida is a Canadian Motorcycle Custom Shop and their Fun Loving version of the Royal Enfield is our 5th Best RE found on the Internet.

 Motovida likes to call this motorcycle a beach cruiser and it resonates fun with a capital F. The motorcycle is based on a 2011 Royal Enfield Bullet. The blue and chrome tank and the headlight are the first things that you will notice about this bike. But it does not end there. The side panels have been replaced by leather bags, which is a very interesting touch.

If you want to know more about Motovida, head over to their Website or check out their Facebook Page.


4. Royal Enfield Bullet by Old Empire Motorcycles

Old Empire Motorcycles is a relatively new custom house based out of England. This Bike by OEM is built on a 2009 Bullet Electra. They say that they were inspired by a built from Rajputana Customs and we have a feeling, they were referring to the 8 Ball. However, there are a lot of differences between the two bikes.

The Harley Sportster Tank looks unique and still blends in well with the motorcycle. Rarely do fenders stand out in a motorcycle, but both the front and the rear fenders are worth a mention in the bike.

The Leather Grips from Brooks England is yet another feature of the motorcycle.

If you would like to know more about OEMs builds, check out their Website  or their Facebook Page, for some really tasty pictures.


3. Rajputana Customs – 8 ball

Rajputana Customs of Jaipur need to mention. They have been the best and the most celebrated custom house in India for a few years now. Their distinctive style and quality has won many admirers over the world. Even the big guns in motorcycling like the Harley Davidson and Triumph have approached them to build customs for their bikes.

Rajputana built the 8 Ball in their nascent years as a custom builder. Even then, Vijay Singh’s claim to the best custom builder is India was unchangeable.

Every part on the 8 Ball is well thought off and built with great attention to detail. From the tyres, to the exhausts, to the Rajputana Batches and all the way to the custom tail Light Bracket is characteristically Rajputana.

To give you a glimpse of Rajputana, here's a video for the Bend The Rules Campaign

If you would like to get in touch with Rajputana Customs, check out their Website or their Facebook Page.

2. Bull City Customs - Royal Enfield Bobber

This bike is made on the Royal Enfield ThunderBird Twin Spark. The Retro Bobber by the Delhi Based Custom house is one of the best we have seen.

The customhouse has combined Mat Blue Paint with Bronze and the results are spectacular. Except the engine, everything on the bike is custom and has character. It is difficult to choose the best part about the bike but we have to choose the Pipe Wrapped Exhaust and the sissybar.

To know more about Bull City Customs, check out their Facebook Page.


1. Royal Enfield Musket V Twin


Topping the list of the Best Custom Royal Enfields in the Musket V Twin.

The musket V Twin is a revolution. It is a series of motorcycles built on an engine designed by Aniket Vardhan. He has developed an engine by combining two heads from an Enfield Cast Iron Engine. Aniket has spent years developing this engine and the craftsmanship is exceptional. They say that “The Devil lies in the Details” and this motorcycle has sinister written all over it.

In your first glance, you may even think that it is a vintage Royal Enfield which has been restored like the way it came out of a factory.

The Musket V Twin is outstanding. Here’s Jay Leno appreciating the motorcycle in his series “Jay Leno’s Garage”


If you wanna know more about Aniket and his designs, check out his Website

These are our favorite Royal Enfields. If you have a different list, so let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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