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Falling in love is a special feeling. It’s even more special when it’s with your motorcycle.

If you have share any of the feelings mentioned, you are in Love with your motorcycle.


1. You spend a lot of time with your motorcycle

If your idea of having fun is to spend time with you motorcycle, then you love your motorcycle. You wake up in dawn on Sunday to go out for a ride and come back in the afternoon, just to spend another few hours washing your bike. When it’s dry, you give it a nice coat of polish. Evening arrives, you get back on your bike to meet up with your biker friends where all you talk about is motorcycles. If this is your typical Sunday, then you definitely love your motorcycle.


2.You have to Ride it everyday

The only reason you enjoy going to work, is so that you can ride your motorcycle. You take the longest route and hope that your office has suddenly disappeared in thin air. You hate arriving and you hate getting off your motorcycle. You leave early just so that you can avoid some part of the evening traffic and you can enjoy the ride back home.

 If you get cranky and irritable, when you don’t ride your motorcycle for a few days, you have symptoms of PMS – PARKED MOTORCYCLE SYNDROME. This happens when you truly love your motorcycle. The only solution is to get back on your motorcycle and ride


3. You love the way your motorcycle looks

Whenever you get off your motorcycle, you look back and admire it. You know that your bike is beautiful when people who are passing by appreciate it. When you are waiting at a red light, people are curious to know about your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle is not only sexy, it even makes you look good.


4. You get anxious even if there is a little problem in your motorcycle

You are going for a ride and realize that the high beam is not working. You don’t use it very often anyway, but it worries you. You have to get this checked and get your motorcycle back to 100% as soon as possible.


5. You enjoy showing off your motorcycle

You feel that your motorcycle represents a part of you. You have spent years making it, the unique machine that it is. You don’t miss an opportunity to talk about your motorcycle and show it off to friends.

You rev your motorcycle when you pass inside a tunnel just so that you can hear it sing and show it off some more.


6. You are always thinking of ways you want to make your motorcycle better

You changed the exhausts, the day that you got the bike. By now you have already changed the seat, added saddlebags and have added a few auxiliary lights. You are still not satisfied, and save your money to get a new handlebar. At all times, there is just something that is not right.

You have changed a few parts multiple times and still want to get the latest accessories in the market.


7. You are over possessive about your bike

You hate parking your motorcycle in public parking. You are insecure of parking it just anywhere since you are worried that people might touch it or even worse sit on it, while you are not looking. When you come back, you thoroughly inspect your bike and feel the pain if you spot a new scratch on the tank.

For this reason, you always prefer to park your motorcycle where you can see it.


8. You cant imagine life without it

You have been riding since you were young. You probably learned to ride when you were not the legal age. It seems that you have been riding all your life.

Your motorcycle is an integral part of daily living and you just can’t imagine life without it. On business trips, when you are away from your motorcycle, you can’t wait to get back so that you can ride your motorcycle.


9. Your motorcycle has name, gender and birthday

While others just call their bikes Harley Davidson, Triumph or Royal Enfield, your motorcycle has a name, gender and birthday. You get offended when someone calls it just a motorcycle. You have even written the name of the bike on your helmet.

You have saved the invoice and treat it as a birth certificate. On this birthday, you buy motorcycle stuff for yourself. There have been times, when you have forgotten your wife’s birthday, but you have never forgotten your motorcycles birthday.


10. You share a lot of memories with your motorcycle

You share a special bond with your motorcycle. There are a lot of sweet memories of your rides. All your stories begin with “When I was riding to….”. When you start narrating your stories, the beer finishes, but there are still a lot of stories left to tell.

This is a clear sign that you have really enjoyed the time you have spent with your motorcycle and love it.


Do you know of more signs to tell if you love your motorcycle, let us know in the comments below. 


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July 17, 2015 — Albert Nanda


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You love traffic jams cost it gives you more time on your bike and to listen to its idling thump:)

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