Rs. 1,499.00

utility pouch


get 33% off on the utilty pouch when purchased with the tank straps. get as many as you want

• pair it with the tank strap for the ultimate duo. Get 33% off on it when purchased with the tank strap
• belt it up or hang it on a bag
• small in size ; big on utility


14.5 X 10.5 X 3.5 cm

get 33% off on utility pouch when purchased with tank strap
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introducing our leather utility pouch – the ultimate sidekick for your motorcycle adventures! this compact powerhouse is not just a pouch; it's a versatile companion that adds functionality and style to your ride.

  1. tank strap’s bff: pair it up with our tank strap for the ultimate duo. the pouch seamlessly attaches to the strap, providing quick access to your essentials without sacrificing style. it's like a tiny sidecar for your tank strap.
  2. belt up, buttercup:transform this pouch into a trendy belt pouch when you're off the bike. buckle up and strut your stuff – because who said motorcycle gear can't be a fashion statement? this pouch is designed to add flair to your outfit, on or off the road.
  3. compact and handy:don't let its size fool you; this pouch is a master of organization. with dimensions of 14.5 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm, it's small enough to stay inconspicuous yet spacious enough to carry your keys, wallet, or tools – your choice, your adventure.
  4. versatility unleashed:not just limited to the tank strap, this pouch loves to socialize. mount it on your bag and suddenly, you've got a trendy bag accessory that screams, "i'm ready for anything!" it's the kind of versatility every adventurer dreams of.

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