Rs. 3,399.00

tank strap center fuel inlet

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get 33% off on the utilty pouch when purchased with the tank straps. get as many as you want

• universal fit : fit most motorcycles that have a circular fuel inlet
• choose between center inlet and right side inlet
• heavy duty leather and brass adjusters that are crafted to last
• add our new utility pouch for added functionality. get 33% off when purchased together


main frame : 31 X 16 cm
strap length: 78 cm
pouch : 14.5 X 10.5 X 3.5 cm

get 33% off on utility pouch when purchased with tank strap
utility pouch
from Rs. 1,499.00
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presenting the superhero of tank straps, ready to swoop in and add a dash of flair to your bike! This isn't your average strap; it's a tank-hugging, shape-maintaining, and fuel cap-friendly wonder that's here to make your motorcycle look as cool as you feel.

laugh in the face of fit worries: with its horizontal mount, this strap is like the superhero cape for your tank, fitting every motorcycle like it was custom-made. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the perfect fit – our strap is the chameleon of motorcycle accessories.

strap-in and adjust to awesomeness: adjustable straps on the side mean you get to decide how tight your tank strap hugs your ride. It's like having a personal stylist for your motorcycle – because who says your bike can't look sharp too?

aluminum strips - the unsung heroes: inside this strap, we've got aluminium strips playing the role of silent guardians, making sure your straps stay in shape and parallel, ready for action. These strips are the Alfred to your Batman, ensuring everything stays slick and smooth.

fuel cap fashionista: is your fuel cap center stage or stealing the spotlight on the right? No problem! Pick the strap that suits your bike's fuel cap placement. the inlet simply needs to be circular. It's like choosing the right costume for your motorcycle.

bonus round - utility pouch extravaganza: but wait, there's more! Add our utility pouch to your order, and your motorcycle gets an instant upgrade. It's not just a pouch; it's a sidekick that attaches to the strap, ready to carry your essentials. Plus, when you're off the bike, it transforms into a belt pouch – the ultimate multitasker. the deal is sweeter when you pick it up along with the tank straps since you get an unheard of 33% discount on as many pouches as you pick with your order containing a tank strap. 

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