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Royal Enfield is firing with all cylinders. The “Made Like a Gun” Motorcycle Company, which was dormant for much of the 90s and 2000s, have serviced their barrels and got new Bullets. The Brand is on a rampage and is showing no signs of stopping down.

The company grew by 70% is 2014 and has plans of scaling much more. For the first time in History, they sold more bikes than the Legendary Harley Davidson and this year seems no different. They are now targeting a 100% growth in Five Years. With a waiting period of 3 – 9 months on every model that they are producing, there is no doubt that Royal Enfield has risen like a Phoenix from the Ashes.

There is a breath of fresh air, when we think about Royal Enfield. It is no longer just another motorcycle manufacturer but now positions itself as a lifestyle motorcycle brand. Just like the bigger players in the global market like Harley Davidson, Triumph, Ducati etc. RE has also started selling motorcycle accessories and apparels. A visit to the Flagship Royal Enfield store in Khan Market, New Delhi will give you a completely different shopping experience.

The Royal Enfield Despatch Rider is an ambitious project, which is unheard of. These are limited and numbered edition motorcycles that will be sold online and not in stores. This is possibly a way for RE to increase traffic on their online store. The bikes will go on sale on 15th July 2015 and enthusiasts are already waiting for the day to come.

Before we go onto the aspect, what you should consider before lining up for purchasing one for yourself, here are the things you should know.

  • These are limited and numbered edition Classic 500 motorcycles, which are available in 3 colors; Desert Storm Despatch, Squadron Blue Despatch and Battle Green Despatch. There will be 200 bikes available for each of these three colors.
  • While the Desert Storm Despatch and the Squadron Blue Despatch will be sold in India, the Battle Green Despatch will be sold in the international markets since the army does not allow civilians to own the military green color.
  • The paintwork is matte finished and has a unique camouflage design. No two designs will be alike and hence your motorcycle will be the only one of its kind to ever roll out of the factory”.
  • There is an extensive use of high quality leather used for the seat and belt on the air filter.
  • Chrome has been ditched out on the engine, exhaust and the silencer and has been replaced by Matt Black.

 Here are things that you should consider before buying the Limited Edition Despatch Rider

  • Price: Royal Enfield has not released the prices of the Despatch Rider. Given the paintjob, the use of leather and the Limited Edition Tag, we are expecting it to cost a lot more than the current line up of Classics. The most expensive classic is the Classic Chrome, which is approximately INR 1.9 Lacs.

We expect the Despatch Rider to be priced at around INR 2.5 Lacs.

  • Maintenance: The motorcycle comes in a unique paint job in Matt Finish. As paint, Matt requires slightly more maintenance than the gloss finish paint job. It is also more susceptible to scratches. Touch up of paint is a strict no on this sort of motorcycle.
  • Single Seat Option: The Bike comes in a Single Seat option. If you are the one who is looking for a twin seat bike, you should look at the other offerings from Royal Enfield.

          Royal Enfield has not given any details on the twin seat option for the Despatch Rider. Even if           there is a twin seat option available, the rear seat will hide a lot of that beautiful rear fender               and will not do justice to the paint job. 

  • After Sales Service: Given that the paint job is unique, you should have a plan B incase you meet with an accident while riding this motorcycle. If you need to replace any of the painted parts like the Tank, Fenders, Side Panels, it will be impossible to get the same bike back.
  • Limited Customization Options: The present UCE engines lack the thump of the earlier CI Engine. Most of the riders change the exhausts the moment they purchase their RE. If you are the one of them, who would want to change the exhaust to make it louder or faster, this is not the bike for you. The unique black paint on the engine and the exhausts will be difficult to replicate on any of the after market exhausts available.

         If you don’t mind riding the bike in complete stock conditions, this is the bike for you.

         Having said that, the options are lesser than another Royal Enfield but are not non-existent.              You always have the option of changing the handlebar, grips adding saddlebags.

          If you think again, you’re bike is a unique motorcycle and does not need much      customization. 

  • Parking: Your Despatch Rider will be a unique bike in the city. Expect curious stares and annoying questions from onlookers. Parking will be a problem if you don’t have a private garage. If you ride down to the market and are forced to park in the two-wheeler parking, you will have people sitting on the bike and getting their pictures clicked with it.

 What’s your view on the Despatch Rider? Let us know

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