"Music is the strongest form of magic" - Marilyn Manson

Music is magical. There is something about it that bonds us together. Though the choice of music of every individual may be different, the one thing that is common is their love for music. Which makes people who create music, magicians. 

Just like bikers are nothing without their motorcycles, musicians can not be separated from their instruments. Some instruments have become as famous as the people who have played them. 

To pay tribute to these instruments, we have named our guitarist's wallet after 4 such magical guitars: 



Tribute to the 4 famous guitars in the world - trip machine company

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B.B. King was one of the first famous musicians to have named his guitars. He used to name all his guitars Lucille and the name has a very interesting story behind it. It happened way back in the winters of 1949, when B.B. King in his early 20's was playing at a nightclub. To keep the place warm, a barrel half filled with burning kerosene was placed in the middle of the dance floor. This was a pretty common practise back then.

While he was playing, a fight started between two men in the audience and they knocked over the burning fuel on the floor, setting the place on fire. The place was evacuated. Once outside, King realised that he had left his guitar in the building and went inside to get it. While King came out safely, two men lost their lives in the fire. 

King learnt the next day that the two men were fighting over a woman who worked at the place named Lucille and hence King named all his guitars Lucille to remind people never to do anything as stupid again. 

Most of King's guitars were Black with Gold lining. If Lucille was a wallet it would look like our Black and Gold wallet. 

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Lucy is one of the most famous electric guitars in the world. It had travelled between the hands of famous rock guitarists John Sebastian and Rick Derringer, before Eric Clapton bought it from the famous Dan Armstrong's guitar shop in New York. Clapton did not play it much and gifted it to to George Harrison of the Beatles who named it Lucy. Harrison used Lucy as one of his primary guitars and played it till he was with the Beatles. 

Like a traveller, Lucy did not stay at one place. It was stolen from Harrison's house and was sold to a guitar shop, from where it was bought by a musician from Mexico. Fortunately, Harrison got in touch with the buyer of the guitar through the guitar shop owner and brought it back in exchange for a couple of guitars. Lucy stayed with Harrison till his death in 2001. 

Lucy was a red guitar with a hint of gold and it was only correct for us to name our chestnut wallet after the travelling guitar. 

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tribute to the 4 famous guitars in the world - trip machine company

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Trigger is a Martin nylon string classical guitar owned by Willie Nelson and is probably as famous as its owner. It is the probably the most travelled guitar as it has been with Willie since 1969 and is the only guitar that he plays. 

Trigger was bought by Willie after his earlier guitar was destroyed by a drunk man who stepped over it. Since it could not repaired, Willie bought Trigger even without seeing it. Willie fell in love with Trigger and has never let it go since then. 

Trigger is possibly the most recognizable musical instruments in the world. It is a Tan guitar with a big hole above the bridge which was been caused due to constant strumming with a pick. It has over a 100 signatures from friends of Willie. It is a reminder of the importance of good people around us that you meet in your travels. To pay tribute to this legendary guitar, we have named our Tan Guitarist's Wallet after Trigger. 

Here's Willie telling the story in his own words: 

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Old Boy is Toni Iommi's bad ass Jaydee Custom guitar. The guitar is Tony's primary guitar is recognisable by its brownish- maroonish, peeled paint which gives its characteristic raw and rustic look. 

This look is due to a couple of factors. The guitar was made on a kitchen table and was finished quickly due to which the finishing was not done properly. Once, the guitar was left in a car on a very hot day and the paint bubbled up. This added to the beauty of the guitar and is synonymous with Black Sabbath's style of music. 

Through the years, Toni Iommi has been instrumental in keeping the Black Sabbath flag flying, even though others around him moved on and Old Boy has been besides him all along. To pay tribute to Toni's spirit and his famous guitar, we have named our Tobacco Wallet after Old Boy. 

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