100 year warranty - Classic Belt Trip Machine

The Classic belt is made to stand the test of time both in craftsmanship and design. The 100 year warranty establishes our belief in the products that we make. The warranty covers any defects owing to materials or craftsmanship. 


  • The belt is intended to worn on pants and hold gear like key fobs, wallet braids and the likes. If you intend to tow broken down motorcycles with the belts, we will not be able to help. Accidents such as scraping on the road, animal bites, chemical spills or toddler graffiti is also not covered.  
  • The leather will age graciously with time and is not part of the warranty. The belts will also curve and stretch with every wear. This is not a defect and hence not covered under warranty. 
  • If you expose the belt to extreme moisture, the hardware will start to corrode. The leather will also develop fungus or algae. While these can be repaired, this will not be covered in warranty. 
  • If the belt lost a rivet or the buckle broke, we will fix it or replace it for free for 100 years. 
  • The belt is meant to be passed on to generations and hence we will acknowledge the warranty even if your grand children reach out to us. 
  • The buckle and the rivets will have usual wear and tear. The plating and the powder coat will get lighter and may even come off. However this will not impact the functioning of the buckle. Just like the hero of a Bollywood movie after the climax fight, a bruised buckle will still function fine. This is not a warranty issue. 

If you have any more questions on the warranty, feel free to reach out to us on mail@tripmachinecompany.com.