“You progress by trying and doing”


Life is all about making it count, and Unai is one such individual who prefers to grab life by the balls. We met him at Wheels and Waves last year and he is one of the most ardent motorcycle guys we’ve met on our journeys. His whole life revolves around his two greatest passions, which are motorcycles and surfing.


Trip Machine Rider Stories Unai Iturbe Motorcycle Stories Yamaha

 Photo Credits :- Unai Iturbe Sanchez

Growing up around bikes, he says that there is more petrol in him than blood. Unai is a true champion of fixing ones motorcycle by themselves as he feels it helps in making a connection with your motorcycle to an extent that it becomes a part of you.


Trip Machine Company Rider Stories Unai Iturbe surferdudegarage Motorcycle Stories Regulars Ride

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Trip Machine Rider Stories Unai Iturbe Motorcycle Stories Yamaha

 Photo Credits :- @surferdudegarage

On the topic of motorcycles, he very much prefers the old school bikes and he stresses that this romance is mainly due to the fact that manufacturers in those days need not adhere to any regulations or rules and just made the best motorcycles they possibly can. 


 Photo Credits :- @surferdudegarage

Take a look into what motorcycles mean to him as he shares his stories and speaks about life and motorcycles in the Basque Country. 

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March 11, 2019 — Albert Nanda

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