Vijay Krishnan Mar 6, 2020
Happy Women's Day to Bikers Women who ride and Bikerchicks trip Machine company

This Women's day, we at Trip Machine  want to thank each and every Woman who have made an impact on our lives.  Whether it be an inspiration to set about on a long  journey ,  to get to wrenching on a motorcycle, or to simply start riding a motorcycle.

Here are 10  motorcycling women who we absolutely adore :-

Elspeth Beard

Starting in 1982, 23 year old British Architecture student Elspeth Beard spent three years touring the world by motorcycle, covering a distance of almost 80,000 kms along the way. She is the first British Woman to motorcycle around the world. A true O.G. legend indeed!

Elspeth beard women that rock women who ride trip Machine Comoany happy women's day

Instagram - @elspethbeard


The baroness of Madhouse Motors.  She’s a master mechanic, welder and designer. All skills that started at a young age when tools were her toys.  Her talent is now recognized worldwide and has even had her bikes featured in the remake of the cult classic, Ghostbusters.

J.Shia of Madhouse Motors LGBTQ Icon Women who Ride Women's Day biker Girl Biker Chick Bike Builder Madhouse Motors

Instagram - @jshia


Another example of a Gallivanter extraordinaire on  two wheels. This geochemist turned biker rode 36.000 kilometers from India to Malaysia and via the Middle East and Iran, through the ‘Stans’, Russia, the Caucasus and via Turkey back to her home in The Netherlands. She is currently on a tour of the Americas, starting in Argentina and riding all the way to Alaska.

Itchy boots travel Royal Enfield Himalayan Rider Women who riders female rider Noraly women's day

Instagram - @itchybootstravel

Priyanka Kochhar

A model, biker and Instagram superstar. This Motorcycle and Car content creator from Bombay has been breaking norms and blazing a new path for all aspiring content creators, be it female or male.

Priyanka Kochhar bike with girl motovlogger women who ride

Instagram - @priyankakochhar

Candida Louis

This Bengaluru-based biker, is a woman on a mission and undertook a solo motorcycle expedition from Bangalore to Sydney, covering close to 28,000 km during her 10-month journey. She is a true gallivanter on two wheels and an inspiration for Women all around.

Candida Louis Bikergirl Female Biker World Traveler Australia Tour Solo travel on bike Women's Day
Instagram - @candidalouis

Bea Eguiraun


Motorcycle journalist and test rider. She says that motorcycles are her life and passion. Bea’s passion for two wheels sees her traveling the world as she chases for bigger, faster and rarer bikes.

Bea Eguiraun BMW Motorrad Spanish women who ride Bikerchicks Bikergirl journalist bike tester

Instagram - @eguiraun

Kate Zrim

Founder of Motofemmes, an online store unique in that they deal only in women's motorcycle gear and accessories. Motofemmes have gone about tranforming notions about women on motorcycles and inspiring more women to take up riding bikes through their HER STORY series which is surely worth checking out.

Instagram - @motofemmes

Jessica Zahra

Founder of Open Roads, an online travel agency that provide bespoke two wheeled experiences around the globe. An ambassador for Royal Enfield, she has ridden across Europe, America, Australia, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Believes that everyone should have an opportunity to explore the world on two wheels.

Trip Machine Company Happy Women's Day Jessica Zahra

Instagram - @joinbikergirl

Meghan Stark

This web developer and motorcycle enthusiast caught our eye with her wide range of motorcycling content. She is a published poet and founder of Great Lake Suppy Co., a motorcycle and coffee inspired brand.

Instagram - @starknakked


Not your average pretty girl posing on a bike here. She is an outspoken proponent of equality among the sexes and knows more about wrenching on bikes than most seasoned bikers twice her age. Loves her Hondas and laying down super fast times on the track.

Instagram - @superliza
SIddharth Singh