The Trip Machine Family

 Here are the individuals who make Trip Machine Company tick :-

Siddharth Singh - Chief Riding Officer

Founder of the Trip Machine project and purveyor of fine handmade leather goods for your motorcycle. Loves the colour yellow (if it wasn't obvious enough) and loves to chill on beaches around the world. Has three four legged friends and four two wheeled ones. The Trip Machine Company was infact inspired by probably the most prized motorcycle in his collection, his Royal Enfield Bullet Electra, which he has lovingly named 'Veera'.



Rishabh Wadhwa - Visual Content Officer

 The Blessed Human! Little do the motorcycling faithful that are loyal consumers of the Trip Machine content know that Rishabh is an Internet celebrity in his own rights. Popularly known as Blessed Arch on Instagram and among the Architecture circle, he has a big and loyal fan following, regularly posting fun and engaging one minute videos which he is most renowned for. As for bikes...ehm...lets say he is vaguely aware of how they work.



Vijay Krishnan - Social Media Manager

Believes that two wheels do certainly move the soul. Vijay is an old soul and loves vintage and classic motorcycles. He would rather take it slow and enjoy the ride than to go blindingly fast and this reflects In his taste of bikes. Loves writing and indulging in watching movies in his spare time. His dream is to own a Vintage Triumph TR6 Trophy someday. 


Nehman Raffiq - Sales Officer

Nehman is one of the earliest members of the TMC family and is now on course to completing two years living the Trip Machine life. Coming from Kerala, he too loves the Royal Enfield motorcycle and currently rides a Bullet 500. He loves himself some Chinese food and prefers chai over coffee any day. A true biker and lover of all good food, he dreams of owning a Triumph Bobber one day.


Pam Shimray - Customer Engagement Officer

Your friendly neighbourhood supergirl. Pam is the one to talk to if you need to get things done. A helpful soul and lover of dogs, she is mother to a four legged fur ball called Milo. Pam is from Manipur and comes equipped to speak several North Eastern languages as well as having a good command over English and Hindi. She hates false promises and despises being tardy. Let's just say its Goodbye Nehman and Hi Pam for those calling into us.



Sukbha Nongspung - Design and Production Head

Sukbha or Suk as she likes to be called is our designer in-chief and is responsible for most of the tasteful goods coming out of the doors at Trip Machine. She comes down from the abode of clouds in Shillong and has honed her skills from NIFT Shillong. Loves coffee and sleep which are paradoxical to say the least. But don't think for a minute that she would have it any other way.



Anup Sapkota - Production Executive

Hailing from Sikkim, Anup loves to indulge himself in playing cricket and the occasional football match as they are his favourite sport. He says that his love for cricket is so deep that it can in-fact be considered his hobby. Anup says his next dream escape would be to one of either Darjeeling or Gangtok. He loves the Harley-Davidson motorcycle and could be found munching on his favourite snacks if he is neither working nor playing Cricket.


Afroz - Pattern Master 

Another new addition to our family, Afroz or 'Master Ji' as he is lovingly known is a wizard with the leather and has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to working with leather.  He wants to be a part of something special which is why he says he joined the Trip Machine project. Like many, Master Ji loves the occassional prank and is fond of Royal Enfields. 



Umesh Popli - Operations Manager

Umesh has seen it all with Trip Machine. He has been with us since the beginning and has ridden all the highs and lows we went through since the company came into being. Umesh loves spending time with his family and says that Switzerland is his dream destination for a trip.

Geeta Popli - Operations Executive

The newest addition to our family. She is here to bring her magic touch to our operations team. An extremely hard working person, Geetha wants to be independent and contribute her skills towards something special. She loves listening to music and sees Darjeeling as her dream destination.

Bushan Popli - Operations Executive

The other half of the Popli brothers. Bhushan has been a part of the Trip Machine Family for about a year now and handles operation and logistics. He loves his bikes fast and his Parathas hot. 

Munsarul Islam - Operations Executive

 Munsar is another new addition to the TMC fam jam. All the Trip Machine goods you get are packed with love by him. He is fond of travelling and sees Darjeeling as his dream destination. Munsar says his dream bike as of now is the Royal Enfield Electra.


Kulfi - HR Officer 

Kulfi is the first member of the Trip Machine brat gang. Don't let her resting bitch face throw you off as she is our brightest wick and the most mischievous. If she is not to be seen snuggled up in her bed and sleeping her days off, she would be heading up the gang on their next mischief. Kulfi is technically a Gul Terrier by make and hails from Punjab, which should explain her unbelievable appetite and affinity for chicken and paneer.



 Mowgli - Chief Security Officer

Mowgli is our ball of energy. He is one among the only few in the world that can fully justify their name. A local boy from Gurugram, he indulges in extreme sports and expert surveillance. He loves his protein and religiously works out 7 hours a day. Mowgli has no particular affinity for motorcycles apart from a tendency to mark his territory, a lot like the older Enfield motorcycles. 


Shantaram - Motorcycle Maintenance and Security 

Our most lively member when it comes to giving a vocal performance and exercising her vocal cords. She is the personification of a surprise package and sounds like she swallowed a million screaming poodles when on duty. She loves old motorcycles and has a vested interest in our old Jawa. Shanti is the easiest to make friends with and is deceptively fast on the trot. To all trespassers, you have been warned! She will find you and she will charm you.













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