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Gone are the days when bikers were perceived as rowdy men dressed up in black leather and tattoos and whose only purpose was to get involved in fights. There is a new breed of bikers and this is the guy next door, who has a regular job, has responsibilities and pays his taxes. The urban biker is suave without losing out on his ruggedness.

Well if you are the urban biker, here’s a quick sheet to get that look:


Groom Your Hair

The Beard is Back. Facial hair is no longer considered a sign of being ungroomed and this only helps a bikers cause. Men have started playing around with the idea. However keeping a beard is not an easy task. If a beard is left unattended, it can get to places and make you look like Tom Hanks in Castaway. The first step to maintaining a beard is to invest in a good beard trimmer. You should also shampoo your beard usually with the same shampoo that you use for your head and dry it by patting it with a towel.

If you are the kind who prefers the clean-shaven look to the bearded one, make sure to shave everyday. A one-day stubble looks shabbier than a two-day stubble. 

It is difficult to maintain your hair if you are a biker, specially when you take off your helmet. Though it is impossible to get back the look, you can certainly wear a bandana and fix your hair before putting on the helmet. This is reduce damage to your hairstyle.

Suit Up

In biker’s lingo, suiting up does not mean you need to look like a banker. An Urban Biker’s suit needs to fulfill the dual responsibility of providing protection as well as looking classy. Sadly, the options are almost non-existent and hence bikers usually have to compromise on one aspect for the other. A bikers suit needs to be individual and just like the motorcycle has to be custom built. Cutting the long story short, here’s what a biker suit comprises of:

  • HELMET: 3 Steps to Don the Urban Biker Look - Trip Machine Company

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“Deciding to ride your bike without a helmet is a beacon for those in need of new organs”. The quintessential part of any biker is the helmet. No matter if you ride with the other protective gear or not, a helmet is one equipment that all bikers should own. While choosing the right helmet, try it on and strap it tight enough so that it is just on the edge of becoming uncomfortable. Remember to always choose one that is well certified like a DOT or ECE.

    Bikers usually match the shade of their helmet to that of their bike. While that is a safe way, its not always the correct way. You should rather try to match the color with your jacket. You should usually have a few helmets in different shades to match your mood.

    The helmet is also a great canvas to show-off your creative side so don't be afraid to customise it using visors, stickers or even Posca Art. 

    The Bell Bullitt is our favorite when it comes helmets. Not only is it old school and classy, it is also a full face helmet, which means it will protect your chin when you take a nasty fall. 

    Here’s a nice video straight from the designer of the Bullitt

    • Jacket:3 Steps to Don the Urban Biker Look - Trip Machine Company
    Another important part of the gentleman rider is the jacket. Most protective jackets today lack the aesthetics and makes the rider look rather robotic. While choosing a riding jacket, you should go for something that you would like to be seen in when you are not riding the motorcycle. Leather is a good option for winters while Denim will work well in summers.
    • Gloves:
    A gentleman is well suited and should not miss out on gloves. Its always a good idea to invest in a pair of high quality riding gloves. Gloves from Iron and Resin and 78 Motor Co. are our favourite choices. They are made of premium leather and accentuate the looks of the rider.
    • Pants:
    When it comes to riding pants, denim still leads the way. There is nothing better than putting on your favorite denims. For a more gentleman feel try out chinos or crisply ironed slim fit pants once in a while.
    • Shoes:
    “A Man is judged by the shoes he wears.” It pays to put your best foot forward and invest in a few shoes. Riding boots are a must for any rider and you could also go for a plain cap-toe oxfords for a vintage feel. Remember the golden rule to match the color of your boots with that of your belt.

      Riding around town can be dirty and so you must take special care of your boots to avoid looking shabby when you arrive.


      What’s a biker without a few accessories to set him apart. A classy watch is a must have. Ditch your sporty G-shocks and invest in a timeless piece that defines who you are. Another accessory that every biker needs is a pair of sunglasses. While watches and shades are obvious, not all accessories need to be in your face. Wallets are accessories that a lot of people ignore. A good wallet is one that is unique and made of premium leather. Being a biker also means that you have to carry your stuff with you when you get off the bike and hence you need a bag that doesn’t make you look like you are on your way to the 9th grade. If you don’t carry much with you, you could always get a smart looking waist pouch to just carry the essentials. 

      These are our tips. Tell us if you have a trick up your sleeve to rock the urban biker look in the comments below. Send us your picture on Instagram and tag it by #tripmachinecompany and we will feature it on our site.


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      March 30, 2016 — Albert Nanda

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