We stumbled upon this series of motorcycle videos from Mono 500 and loved it. The series is about a group of friends riding on Gauchos and Dakar's dust roads in Argentina on Royal Enfield Classic 500s. The video captures some breathtaking moments from the groups' escapade through the vast expanse of  the Argentinian geography. 

It seems that our love for Motorcycles and Leather is also shared by our brothers from Mono500. There's something visceral about fine leather and fine machines that simply amplifies the pleasure of a ride. The romance between tarmac and leather is nothing new and one can never be complete without the other. The video captures that essence brilliantly. Plenty of styling tips for all the riders who were looking to take their motorcycling experience to the next level.

All of us can use some inspiration every now and then, and this video is stunning enough to inspire any motorcycle enthusiast to saddle up their steel horses and explore the unknown horizons.  

Here is Chapter 1 from the series. Stay tuned for more. 


Albert Nanda