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Being part of a Motorcycle Club has been a bone of contention right from the time of inception of the idea. There has always been a sense of ambiguity about them, in that while for some they’re a source of awe and inspiration, for others they’re just plain old trouble on two wheels. 

Irrespective of what people feel, being part of a group of like minded people, definitely has its benefits. Here are our reasons, why we feel you should join a motorcycle club

1. Riding in a group makes you disciplined and responsible

7 Reasons to Join a Motorcycle Club - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Roy Lister via Flikr

No Biker group can remain functional and significant without following a very specific order and a code of conduct. Being part of a group means that you have to rise above your personal prejudices and think for the entire group and respect everyone’s opinion. That kind of behavior simply inculcates a sense of responsibility in you, and makes you a more disciplined person, a quality, which you then take to other areas of your life. It’s a sense of discipline imposed not by fear of ostracism or punishment, but self-imposed by the common love for liberty and two wheels.

2. Meet new and like-minded folks

Let’s admit, while we all love our colleagues and families, it does get tiring; following the same routine everyday dealing with the same faces on a day to day basis. And it’s not so much the faces that tire you, but the things they say and do. And while these faces are the enablers of our lives and we love them for that, there’s often that need to find an escape from the routines of life. That’s why you got that motorbike in the first place. Being part of a ride group is a great way to get that missing hint of novelty in your life. Each ride takes you to new places, makes you see new faces, and while each face comes with its own eccentricities, the one thing that remains a common thread among all is their love for rubber on tarmac and freedom on two wheels.

3. Happiness multiplies when shared

7 Reasons to join a motorcycle club - trip machine company

"No Road is too long when you have good company"

Anyone who ever knocked a ball out of the park knows what this one is about. You could be standing there alone in the park or amidst a thousand who’ve come there just to share that moment with you and be witness to it. Everything, your happiness, your achievements, mean so much more when you’re part of an extended family you call your ride group. They’re your band of brothers, and you know they’ve got your back. You’ll share some of the most precious moments of your life with them, and believe us, that’ll only make those moments exponentially more special for you and what’s more, there’ll be a lifetime supply of selfies for all your social media cravings.

4.Rides are safer

7 Reasons to join a Motorcycle Club - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Roy Lister via Flikr

This one’s kind of obvious. Riding in group is always relatively much safer than riding solo. It’s always good to know that in the eventuality of something going not according to the plan, you don’t have to rely on the kindness of a stranger, because you’ve got your brethren to watch your back, as you do for them. There’s just something undeniably nobler about that spirit. About knowing that you’ve got someones’ back, while they’ve got yours’. In the self-driven motions of life, there’s very few opportunities where you get to exhibit that kind of behavior. Of course, we all protect our friends and families, but when you’re a part of a ride group, friends or no friends, every member of the group is an extension of yourself, and you therefore protect them as your own.

5. Get More Attention

7 Reasons to Join a Motorcycle Club - Trip Machine Company

Photo Credit: Daniel Orth via Flikr

Alright, so you’ve got the machine, even the attire and the looks to pull it off, but as a Solo rider, you’re often simply zipping past others, and people hardly ever even get a chance to notice your benign presence. Being part of a ride group gives you the opportunity to ride in style with your band and grab virtually every eyeball in the vicinity. If you thought stardom was only reserved for Movie-stars, Athletes and Ball players, try joining a rider's group. You get instant respect and admiration wherever you go. People want to be seen with you and your machine. It’s just such a wonderful feeling, and let’s admit, we all need our lil’ dose of attention every one in a while. After all, man is a social animal.

6. Get to know more machines

Look, we all love our bikes, but every now and then we come across a two wheeled beast that we’d like to try our hands on. Being part of motorcycle group gives you just the opportunity to do that. Who wants to take that boring and restrictive test ride at the dealers’, when you can test ride your buddy's fine tuned machine. Besides, your motorcycle club simply becomes your fall back knowledge-base for all you mechanical queries. Finding out how others deal with their mechanical conundrums helps you maintain your own bike in a much better way. It can also open creative doors for you and give you some very inventive ideas about the kind of customizations you can do with your own machine. It just alters the entire experience of rearing a two-wheeled horse, and the only way to know it is by joining a ride group.

7. Be part of a Legacy

This is the part that gets most of us hooked to a Bikers’ club, is the idea of being a part of something much larger than ourselves, part of a legacy. That being said, not every biker’s club out there goes down the annals of history as a legend, in fact most of them don’t. And not every one of them leaves a positive impact on the society. But the ones’ that are truly worthy of calling themselves legends are the ones that have managed to weather through time and tide and not lose their integrity. These are clubs that carry with them, years of history and an uncompromising code of conduct and ethics. These groups are not just about getting together and having a blast, but also about being a positive influence on the society while still breaking away from the norms of it. About showing the society that there’s a better way to be. It’s about caring and not caring…

If you are part of a motorcycle group, let us know the reasons in the comments below


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