We, at Trip Machine Company, love motorcycles. We love it to this extent that we specialise in raw and authentic leather goods which have been hand made for the love of riding. Riding after all is a passion. For some it’s a way of expression and for others it’s a way of life. Acknowledging all those who follow this passion, we gave you 9 riders to follow on Instagram and you did! In a similar manner, we decided to step up our game and make this list global. Keeping that in check, here are the 9 riders that have taken their travels global and boast of really eloquent memoirs. Follow them to know what it means to eat, breathe and live motorcycles.

Jason Ochoa - @Motopsycho73

Jason Ochoa- @motopsycho73

Photo Credit: Jason Ochoa via Instagram

Jason Ochoa or as his Instagram handle goes @Motopsycho73 is a passionate bike builder. Solely hand build classic bikes is his forte. Right from vintage bikes to bad ass choppers, he does it all. His life basically revolves around motorcycles. You can see him visiting different moto shows every now and then. If there is one thing that keeps him going is his collection of Panheads! Follow him on his instagram handle to experience the true life of a motorcycle enthusiast and don’t forget to check out all his builds.


 Shasta Smith - @thevintagemonkey5

Shasta Smith - @thevintagemonkey5

Photo credit: Shasta Smith via Instagram

Shasta Smith is one woman who re-defines passion for classic motorcycles. With an experience of 17 years in architecture, design and construction, she used to host the international TV show called Red Hot Design. As of now, she produces a YouTube series called the Motorcycle Mondays. She has been featured globally for all her works. As a motorcycle veteran with 23 years riding experience, she also designs vintage motorcycles for charity. Visit thevintagemonkey5 to know more about her passion.


 Mark Hawwa - @markhawwa

Mark Hawwa @markhawwa

Photo credit: Mark Hawwa via Instagram

He is the gentleman from Sydney who started the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride. As exquisite as that sounds, it is much more dapper in reality. What initially started from 2,500 participants from 64 cities has grown into 37,000 participants from 410 cities in 79 countries and that’s not it. It has also generated over $ 2.3M USD for prostate cancer research. He is also the founder of the Throttle Roll, an event which caters to the best bike builds in Australia. Head over to his website gentlemansride to keep a track of all his upcoming events.


Jamie Robinson - @motogeo

Jamie Robinson - @motogeo

Photo credit: Jamie Robinson via Instagram

Jamie Robinson, an avid motorcyclist is the brains behind MotoGeo. He was born in to the two wheeler world thanks to a motorcycle obsessed father who got him his first ride at the tender age of 3 years. Moto Geo actively promotes motorcycling through their videos and Photographs. For them, its always about finding the next adventure. Read on about their adventures on motogeo.


Kane Avellano - @bonnietour

Photo credit: Kane Avellano via Instagram

Kane Avellano, is the youngest man to attempt a solo motorcycle circumnavigation. In layman’s terms, he rode over 50000 km across 30+ countries. Brought up by a single mother, he has always been motivated to achieve the impossible. He always wanted to see the world from a new angle and that is why he chose to attempt this circumnavigation. He solely believes that although such things can’t change one’s life but it definitely helps in changing the perspective and that is what helps in understanding the world around oneself. Learn more about him on http://www.bonnietour.com


Loryn Thompson - @ridewell

Loryn Thompson - @ridewell

Photo credit: Loryn Thompson via Instagram

Loryn Thompson was born as a non-biker. Jealous right from early childhood of all those people who used to ride, she was eager to fall in love with motorcycles. In a simple manner, she puts it as there is no accounting on how much skills one can accumulate after years and years of riding. However, the best part that she feels is that she is glad that she joined riding later as it has given her a whole new perspective on how riding can change a person’s life. When not riding, she writes blogs that are based on the motorcycle lifestyle. Check out her work on we-ridewell.com/ride/ig


Priyanka Kochhar - @bikewithgirl

Priyanka Kochar - @bikewithgirl

Photo credit: Priyanka Kochhar via Instagram

Priyanka Kochhar or as she is famously known through her Instagram handle @bikewithgirl describes herself as a motorcycle blogger. Very down to Earth, you can see the passion for motorcycles oozing from all her posts as she simply puts it “Not an expert, just a girl who loves motorcycles”. Visit her page and you will find that there is not a single motorcycle left on which she doesn’t have hands-on riding experience. Follow Priyanka through all her adventures both in India and abroad and be ready to be mesmerised.


Sandeep Gajjar - @themotographer

Sandeep Gajjar - @themotographer

Photo credit: Sandeep Gajjar via Instagram

Sandeep Gajjar or Sunny as he is affectionately called by his loved ones is the face of the Indian Biking Community. Anyone who is a rider will definitely know about the Xbhp platform. Founded by Sunny as a free motorcycling platform for like minded enthusiasts to discuss anything A to Z about bikes. Although hit by a serious hack in the initial years, Sunny didn’t give up and it was because of that zeal only that he grew to be one of the most respectful bikers in the Indian Biking Community. Check out more about him on his Instagram handle @themotographer and the Xbhp community.


Akhtar - @winter_wanderer

Akhtar - @winter_wanderer

Photo credit: Akhtar via Instagram

Akhtar is a motorcycle enthusiast who has a vast collection of motorcycle memoirs on his Instagram handle and along with that, he also runs a Youtube channel where he posts all his Vlogs. He does a lot of media promotion and that is evident through his list of thousands of followers. Fully armed in Moto gear with his favourite Royal Enfield, he travels the length and breath of our country and all his photographs stand as a testimony to the beauty of our gorgeous landscape. Follow him up on his Instagram handle @winter_wanderer to check out his collection of photographs

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