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The 2016 version of the annual BOBMC Rider Mania event is just around the corner and is being hosted by the prestigious Wanderlust MC of Nagpur this year. If you’ve decided to join the bandwagon, there are a few precautions you must pay heed to, before you kick start your journey.

To make your life slightly easier we decided to collate a list of things you should take care of, before kicking off the road trip. They’re as follows:

1. Pack Light:

7 Tips for Riding Down to the BOBMC Rider Mania - Trip Machine CompanyImage Courtesy: THOR Via flickr

While it’s important to take everything that is essential, the definition of essential is definitely a subjective one. So allow us to shed some light on the subject of what qualifies as ‘essential.’ Tool kit - Essential, Electric Razor - Not essential. Maps: Essential, Laptop/tablet – Not essential. You get the idea. Try to avoid carrying fragile items with you, unless you must. For instance, unless you’re planning to take some diligent breath-taking photographs, you could leave your DSLR behind. Your smartphone would do just fine as far as selfies are concerned. The reason this is important is because in the event of a fall, which is very likely, especially on mud filled gravel roads, these fragile items are the first ones to go. Basically, don’t carry anything that you don’t need to. Keeping the bike as light as possible will also help you manoeuvre it much better which is always crucial on the highway, specially during long road trips.

2. Get there in Style:  

7 Tips for Riding Down to the BOBMC Rider Mania - Trip Machine CompanyImage Courtesy: BOBMC Rider Mania Via Facebook 

Don’t just arrive at the event, you’ve gotta look the part too. Get your leather right. And that means not just for you, but for your motorcycle too. The entire Royal Enfield gang is gonna be there, and now would not be the time for modesty. Show off your machine, fine-tuned and saddled with fine leather, a true eye candy for everyone to look at. After all, it’s not everyday that you find yourself surrounded by camaraderie and class at the same time. And while showing off can be considered crude or unsophisticated in most situations, Rider Mania is just the place for it. These guys get what it means to love your motorcycles, and would most certainly be able to appreciate the time and effort you invested turning your motorcycle into marvel of a machine. Nothing makes a rider feel better than hearing words of admiration and appreciation for their motorcycles, coming from fellow riders. The best part is that in case you need some last minute prepping up for your bike, we’re going be there to help you out.

3. Prep Your Motorcycle: 

7 Tips for Riding Down to the BOBMC Rider Mania '16 - Trip Machine Company

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This holds special importance. The last thing you want on a road trip is mechanical troubles. Although the good part about riding in an event such as the BOBMC Rider Mania is that, there are always plenty of helping hands in case of any crisis. Still, we presume that you don’t fancy the idea of playing a spoilsport, and would rather be lending a helping hand than seeking one. Pay special attention to your motorcycle’s tyres and change them if you have to. You’ll be riding through pretty much all kinds of roads and terrain, and therefore should expect to find all kinds of road conditions. From fine paved tarmac roads, to mud-filled gravel roads. So you want to make sure you tyres are up to speed

4. Introduce a Rider Friend to the Rider Mania: 

7 Tips for Riding Down to the BOBMC Rider Mania - Trip Machine CompanyImage Courtesy: Motographing with B2R, MC Via Facebook

What could be a better gift to your weekend ride buddy from work, than to introduce him to a whole new world of motorcycling experience? Give them the gift of being a part of this motorcycling extravaganza which they’ll cherish for a lifetime. There are very few things in life that give us humans greater pleasure and contentment than when knowing that we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves and we belong to it. Let your techie friend have his very own proper initiation into the brotherhood, and he’ll thank you for life. After all, owning a Royal Enfield Bullet is only part of the deal, the real deal is the spirit of riding that classic motorcycle, which is hardly manifested anywhere as magnificently and powerfully as it does at Rider Mania. Now you wouldn’t be the kind of person to deny that wonderful feeling to your mate would you?

5. Carry Woollen Clothing:

7 Tips for Riding Down to the BOBMC Rider Mania '16 - Trip Machine CompanyImage Courtesy: Geraint Otis Warlow Via flickr   

Just because you’re riding from the south doesn’t mean you’ll be greeted with the same weather everywhere. India is a large country and the weather changes drastically. So it is important to be prepared for every weather. While there’ll be no lack of warmth and camaraderie, expect the weather conditions to be chilly specially in the night. And that’s why we suggest you include some woollens in your luggage. Also, the weather in the Vidarbha region can be sometimes unpredictable at this time of the year, so while we’re at it, might we also suggest carrying a rain suit for that untimely rain. After all, you don’t want to drive at the event dressed to kill and soaking wet. To be better prepared for the rains, check out our article: 


6. Get Your Camping Gear Right:

7 Tips for Riding Down to the BOBMC Rider Mania - Trip Machine CompanyImage Courtesy: Srikanth Jandhyala Via flickr

Setting up your own camp, is the best way to enjoy Ridermania. If you are trying it for the first time, make sure you have everything you might need for your camping thrills, as it might get awkward looking at others to help you out in the time of need. Make sure you get the right sized tent, and sleeping bags. You don’t want to go for too big, but it shouldn’t make you feel claustrophobic either. And most importantly, try to get a hang of setting up a tent as quickly as possible. This ability could very quickly make you famous at the camp, as people are often found struggling with setting up the tent. Also, there are some small items that could make your life a lot easier during the camp, such as a flashlight, waterproof matchboxes etc.

7. Reach out to the Event Organisers: 

7 Tips for Riding down to the BOBMC RiderMania - Trip Machine Company

 Image Courtesy: Wanderlust MC Via Facebook

They say, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” An important part of planning this trip for you would be to contact the event organisers and check with them about various details of the event. Such as the event itinerary, and areas covered in the event and also the general guidelines, so that you can plan accordingly.

A lot of that information can be found on BOBMCs’ official website. Alternatively, you can also reach the organizers directly through their Facebook page, they are super responsive. 

 Whatever you do, make sure you do exchange a few words before you settle with your final roadmap for the trip, specially in case you plan to ride beyond the event as well, which is something we’d strongly recommend.

We are at the BOBMC Ridermania and hope to catch up with you there. Drop in your comments and tell us when and how you plan to get there.


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